Cylce: Women have a voice
The painting takes up the subject of restoring the energy of decision-making to women who consciously decide about themselves, their own bodies and the future.

Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 100x100cm 39x39 in


Wreaths are a symbol of enslavement, which in the Slavic tradition were synonymous of innocence, and virginity. They were also a form of advertisement of the Virgin ready to be married. Wreaths were used to decorate houses to encourage candidates to marry a young resident of the house. After the wedding, the wreath was handed over to the husband, the hair of the bride was cut and a meager cap was put on the woman's head. The figures shown in the picture decide on their own what is going to happen with the wreaths, they play with them frivolously. Their decision making is restored in the harmony of the water.

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