The unveiling

Cycle: Masks
The woman's life and all decision-making power is transferred from the hands of the father to the hands of the husband. The picture highlights the symbol of the patriarchy that accompanied this transaction.

Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Wymiary: 42x32cm, 16.5x12.5 in


The unveiling and capping ceremony  used to take place at midnight, during the wedding party. The bride was led to a side room, where all women sang sad chants. Then the bridesmaids used to remove the wreath from the bride's head, and her hair was cutted. Older married women used to put the bonnet on her head.

The whole existence of a woman was given from the hands of the father to the husband, which is why the symbol of the patriarchy - the cap (coot) is so strongly marked on the red background of the painting.

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