Mosuo Woman

Cycle: Masks
The Mosuo community is one of the best-known matriarchies in the world. There is no institution of marriage and it is socially accepted that women live with any number of partners. The community calls relationships 'transient marriages'.

Technique: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 100x70 cm 39x27 in


In the community, which lives by the mountain-surrounded Lugu Lakeon the border of the southern Chinese provinces of Yunnan andSichuan, the choice of partner is made by the woman. However,courting and ending a relationship can be done by both parties. Andboth can be in several relationships at the same time.

Each adult Mosuo woman has a separate wooden house/bedroom, theso-called flower chamber, to meet with theur partners. The chosen oneturns up at her door after dark.

In theory, 'walking marriages' were not exclusive relationships, andchildren born of these relationships were never officially assigned to asingle father. Of course, it is known who the father of a particular childis, but he did not play a special role in the child's upbringing. Why?Because each man was responsible for the offspring reared under theroof under which he himself lived - so it was mostly his sisters' children.

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