Cycle: Masks
What is the cultural perception of the color pink? What comes to mind when you consider that color?

Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Wymiary: 60x50 cm


Typically, these associations have nothing to do with masculinity. The current cultural perception of pink as a symbol of femininity began with the era of Barbie and Cadillac.

Pink was perceived as a more subdued version of red, i.e. royal color, in a bygone era, and I mean the times of Louis XVI rather than world wars. Pink was considered "pre-royal," as evidenced by images of young boys in pianitings dressed in such robes. The above-mentioned Ludwik enjoyed wearing this color, as evidenced by his portraits and the contents of his royal wardrobe. 

Jesus, a historical figure who frequently wore pink and white clothing, is another member of the club of male celebrities who favor the color pink. This color represented the union of love (red) and purity (white) (white).

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