Cycle: Masks
I felt obligated to reflect on the events that began on February 24. But I didn't want this reference to be an expression of the sadness that this event has caused us all. Rather than adding bitterness to this huge goblet of tears, I decided to speak about the size of Poland's support for Ukraine. In my opinion, the scale of the support given has amazed even us.

Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 42x32cm, 16.5x12.5 in


The main, symbolic inspiration for this painting came from a photograph, which depicted trolleys that Polish mothers had given to their neighbors. The woman in the painting, standing on the left, is wearing a bonnet typical of the Łowicz region. Women used to wear it as a symbol of marriage during a wedding ceremonies.

The Ukrainian woman is looking at the camera. She's wearing a bonnet similar to her neighbor's, which is worn by a newlywed wife. Photos from the Treti Pivni helped me create the Ukrainian composition. With these symbols, I wanted to demonstrate the closeness of our cultures and histories, which has allowed us as a nation to empathize deeply with those in need.

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