Women have a voice

Cylce: Women have a voice
The painting is the beginning of the series "Women Have a Voice", a commentary on how we perceive the figure of a woman in society. At first glance, the painting is a visually pleasant jigsaw, but under the next layer I have placed a deeper meaning than that available in the instant form.

Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 70x50 cm, 27x20 in


"... and the fish have no voice"  this is one of the worst sayings in Polish language, it takes away the fundamental right to express oneself. We can put many characters in the place of the ellipsis. Naked women don't care about prohibitions, they dance, jump, meditate. 

The poses of the characters are inspired by pole dance figures. Dance was promoted from the dance floors of nightclubs and conquered the dance floors of fitness clubs. Nowadays it has acquired the name of a sports discipline. Originally, only men danced pole dance to show their strength and gain recognition. Medusa has broken her vows of chastity in the Temple of Athena. Unfortunately, mythology does not abound with examples of sisterhood, so for this offense, Athena turned her into a monster. My three jellyfish (Medusas) are helping women to dance in this beautiful underwater world. Sisterhood is spreading all over that space as well!

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